8 August 2022

The Lozenge

As you’ve might already noticed, the name of our first model is the Lozenge. Where did this name come from? What are those vintage characteristics we’ve talked about? We’d love to tell you all about it!

The whole story of our logo is too much to talk about in this article, so we’d tell you all about this later on! For now we’d like to talk about the name Lozenge. As many of you already know, Lozenge is a ‘shape’ for cutting precious stones like diamonds. This shape, the lozenge, is also the shape of our logo. For us, this stands for quality, durability and for being timeless. As we’d like to call it : “Build to last”.

First of all, where did the
name come from?

But know you’re probably wondering, what are those vintage characteristics?

Well, in the design of our flagship model we’ve been looking to find the perfect balance between modern techniques and materials, and vintage characteristics of timeless watch designs. The materials used are definitely build to last!

The stainless steel used for the watch case is 316L stainless steel, also known as ‘Marine grade steel’. The name says it all, it’s really tough, durable and highly corrosion resistance. Thanks to its density, it very hard to get any deep scratches or dents on the surface of the watchcase.

Double-domed sapphire is our choice of crystal. This does not only give the watch a vintage look, but it’s also close to impossible to get scratched. The design of the double-domed sapphire ensures you’ll be able to see the dial without distortion at any angle.

Enough about materials, now let’s talk about the vintage characteristics! Let’s start with the dial. As some of you might already know, a lot of vintage watch dials change color during the years. This is caused by the amount of UV light the dial is exposed to in decades of being worn by its owner. This discoloration of the dial is called : ‘Patina’. To replicate this exposure to UV, we’ve chosen to use 2 different colors for the design of our Lozenge dial. When exposed to daylight, the reflection of light will cause the dial to look black and grey! In a situation with less light, the dial will look almost all black. This special effect is caused by the use of 2 different types of ‘paint’.

At last, our signature crown! The design of our crown is based on the look of vintage crowns used on timeless designs. In contrast to the rectangular pushers, this will contribute to the balance between vintage and modern. Our crown is not only a good looking, but it’s also very comfortable to use. Being shaped as it is, it won’t be pushing into your hand as much as other crowns do.

Thanks for reading our story about our first model, the Lozenge! Hopefully you’ve gotten a little wiser about the characteristics of our flagship model. Take care and be safe!

Yours truly,
Bulief Watch Company

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